Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Show Shirt Ordering Made Easy

When ever I do my Ed Tech workshops for teachers, I call this my 5 dollar ed tech tip.  Google Forms are  life savers.  Google Forms are always linked to a Google  Spreadsheet.  All the information entered into the Google Form will appear in the Google Spreadsheet.

I am starting my 18th year of teaching, which means I have overseen the ordering of over 50 different show shirts in my career.  Life became easier once I started using Google Forms, no more lost sheets of paper.  I simple copy the embed code or if your website is a Google Site just click insert and show shirt available to order.

You can also add more questions, if you needed to do an order for dance shoes and/or  make-up kits.

Another use for Google Forms creating a contact list for you productions.

You can also customize your confirmation message.  For this, one I reminded them the day the money was due.

Here is  links that can help you learn how to use forms.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help.  nick@edtech4theatre.com

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