Saturday, August 18, 2012

Advice/Resources for New Theatre & Film Teachers

I use Edmodo with my students and recently was logged into their Creative Arts teacher section.  I noticed there were multiple posts about teachers teaching Theatre and Film/Video/Media for the first time.  It inspired me to write this post. 

Words of Wisdom from one who has been in trenches-

  • Take care of your secretaries and custodians.  They are the unsung heroes of your school.  Offer them free tickets for your productions and  thank them in your program.
  • Learn the purchases order process of your district.  
  • Connect with other Theatre teachers and ask for advice and ideas.  Go to and look up who the chapter director for your state/providence for the Educational Theatre Association/Thespians. Contact them and see if there are festivals for students or teacher conference.  Attend these events.  
  • Plan for more than you think you will cover.  It is always easier to adjust than to stretch a lesson on the fly. 
  • Try  to find an hobby or interest outside of Theatre.  You need an outside interest, so you can recharge.
  • Take time to observe master teachers in your building.
  • It does get easier. 
Here are some helpful books and sites as you begin your journey.

Theatre Links
Film/Video/Media Studies Links
I wish everyone a great start to your first year of teaching.  It goes by fast.  I can't believe I am starting my 18th teaching. 

Please e-mail me with any questions 

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