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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Join the World Theatre Video Project- Let's Create a Global Theatre Ensemble.

The World Theatre Video Project was developed for Theatre students and teachers from all over the world connect and share their love of Theatre.  Through the use of video, we can create a World Theatre Ensemble using of Google's Tools- YouTube, Google Sites, Google Forms, and Google Drive.

Our first script is Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be Soliloquy. 

Stipulations for the video: 

  • Scripts must be in the public domain.  
  • Short 1-2 minute  monologues, scenes or poems
  • Themed if possible- October- The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, April- Shakespeare, etc.
  • Must be school appropriate

Time Frame for Videos-
Announce Script on the1st of the month 
Finished videos due on the 20th of the month
Mash-up Video and Submitted videos posted on the last day of the month

Finished videos due October 20th, 2013

Mash-up video and submitted videos will be posted 
October 31st, 2013.

This project was inspired by a tweet in early March of 2013. Karla Olmos of the blog tweeted that it would be  World Theatre day on March 27th .  I came up with the idea of creating a video using Adam’s “All the World is a Stage” monologue from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”  Using Google Drive, I had teacher upload their footage to a shared folder on Google Drive and created an “mashup video” with all the schools involved.  We had two schools from the United States and two schools from Australia participate.  The finished “mashed-up” video was placed on my YouTube channel.  It was great to have students involved from halfway across the world.  
 Thank you to following teachers, their schools and especially their students for 
being part of the video that inspired the creation of 
the World Theatre Video Project.
Karla Olmos- Sydney,New South Wales, Australia
Mohamed El-Ashiry- Melbourne,Victoria, Australia
Courtney Elrod- Madison, Alabama, United States
Mel Agar- Galesburg, Illinois, United States

Special Thanks to Krista Moroder for designing the World Theatre Video Project Website.

The World Theatre Video Project was developed as part of my action plan as Google Certified Teacher after attending the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney, Australia in May. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

TheatreCast #23- Back to School Episode- Ed Tech Tips and Tricks

TheatreCast #23- Back to School EdTech Tips and Tricks

This week on TheatreCast:    Nick Cusumano and Danielle Filas, both Google Certified Teachers, share lots of Ed Tech tools and tricks to help you start off your school year. Listen to find out how to use Google Apps and Chrome extensions in the Theatre classroom, websites that will save time during the production process, and much more.

Hosts: Nick Cusumano (@edtech4theatre) and  Danielle Filas (@msfilas)

Google Tools for Theatre Teachers

Cool Websites
Chrome Apps & Extensions- 

I-Create Camp- Lots of creative webites and Chrome Apps

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live from the International Thespian Festival-TheatreCast with Julie Woffington and Gai Jones

Taken a moment to listen two amazing individuals as they share their love for Theatre, Theatre Education and the  International Thespian Festival.  The International Thespian Festival is an annual event  where Thespians,  Theatre educators, and Theatre professionals share their passion for Theatre. 

Julie Woffington is the executive director of the Educational Theatre Association.  Julie explains the mission of EdTA, shares all the exciting things occurring this week at the Thespian Festival,  and previews some exciting new initiatives that EdTA is starting.  

Gai Jones is a  Theatre textbook author, Educational Theatre Association Board member, and all around Theatre Guru.  Gai shares with me when she knew she was going to be a Theatre teacher, her process of create a Theatre ensemble which is outlined in her textbook Raising the Curtain and we examine all the different 21st century skills Theatre helps to develop in our students

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prepare for the Thespian Festival by listening to Jason Daunter and others on TheatreCast

The Thespian Festival is almost here.  Get yourself in the Festival mindset by listening to TheatreCast. TheatreCast is a show where Theatre teachers and professionals share a passion for Theatre trends, share practical advice and tips, and ask questions of some of Theatre's most innovative collaborators. 

Last Sunday, we had Jason Daunter join us. Jason is the production stage manager of the 1st national tour of Wicked and serves on the board of directors of the Educational Theatre Association.  Jason shares his passion for live Theatre as he share stories of life on the road, his passion for giving back to Educational Theatre and working with Kevin Kline and Meryl Streep. This is show not to be missed.  Hear him share about Making Magic, Defying Gravity which will be presented Monday night at the Thespian Festival.

You can listen to TheatreCast through a variety of methods: 
2. download the Sticher Radio App in the I-Tunes store- and search for TheatreCast
3. download the Sticher Radio App in the Google Play store- and search for TheatreCast, 

Here are some other episodes to get you in the Thespian Festival spirit.  Listen to them while you travel to the Thespian Festival. 

TheatreCast #14: Technical Theatre Tips and Tricks with Bob Fowler

TheatreCast #09: It is STEAM not STEM- The Power of Theatre

TheatreCast #04: Getting Chatty with @Theatrefolk 

TheatreCast #03: The Festival, the Festival…The Thespian Festival

I am looking forward meeting listeners at the Thespian festival.  If you cannot make it to the Festival, then be sure to go and watch us live from The Thespian Festival. 
Tuesday, June 25- TheatreCast Episode 19- Julie Woffington- Executive Director of Educational Theatre Association at 3:30 pm Central- watch live at

Thursday, June 27- TheatreCast Episode 20- Gai Jones- EdTA Hall of Fame Member and author of Raising the Curtain- Activities for the Theatre Classroom at 9:00 am Central- watch live at

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Scottish Play's Set Installation on Broadway

Here is a great video to share with your students on how a set is built on stage in a Broadway house. This is the set from MacBeth starring Alan Cummings set in mental hospital.  If only are sets, could be built this fast. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon- "The Bacon Number" Google Search

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon- The Bacon Number Google Search 
Here is a fun game to play with your students.  John Guare's play "Six Degrees of Separation" spurred the creation of a fun game that actors and other play.   Kevin Bacon has a prolific career and  has worked with many actors of the years.  How many actors between one actor and another til you get to Kevin Bacon?

Well, Google has joined the fun, to find out degrees of separation between on actor and Kevin Bacon
just type in the actors name and after that type Bacon Number

Here are two examples of some of my actor friends of mine from college and the degree of separation between them and Kevin Bacon

Deidre Goodwin

Kendra Kassebaum

Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Google Teach Academy #GTASYD Application Video- Nick Cusumano presents Hamlet's Advice to the Teachers

My Google Teacher Academy Application Video for the Google Teacher Academy- Sydney, Australia #GTASYD.
Nick Cusumano presents Hamlet's Advice to the Teachers

A "Googlfied" version of Hamlet's Advice to the Players. Enjoy.  
Fingers crossed to be chosen to go to the "Land of Down Under" 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Checkout TheatreCast Podcast on the Network

I have begun an exciting adventure with Google Certified Teacher Danielle Filas.  We are the hosts of a new podcast on the Edreach Network called TheatreCast. This is the show where show where Theatre teachers and professionals share a passion for Theatre trends, share practical advice and tips, and ask questions of some of Theatre's most innovative collaborators. Please share the news of this podcast with all your Theatre Teacher friends.

A big thanks to co-founder Dan Rezac for asking me to start exciting project.

Be sure check out the other shows including my favorite The Google Educast

The network

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Google Forms for Grading Tutorial

Let the ease of use Google Forms for Grading taking all your grading worries away.  Please enjoy this tutorial which is part of my Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer Application.