Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Google Teach Academy #GTASYD Application Video- Nick Cusumano presents Hamlet's Advice to the Teachers

My Google Teacher Academy Application Video for the Google Teacher Academy- Sydney, Australia #GTASYD.
Nick Cusumano presents Hamlet's Advice to the Teachers

A "Googlfied" version of Hamlet's Advice to the Players. Enjoy.  
Fingers crossed to be chosen to go to the "Land of Down Under" 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Checkout TheatreCast Podcast on the Network

I have begun an exciting adventure with Google Certified Teacher Danielle Filas.  We are the hosts of a new podcast on the Edreach Network called TheatreCast. This is the show where show where Theatre teachers and professionals share a passion for Theatre trends, share practical advice and tips, and ask questions of some of Theatre's most innovative collaborators. Please share the news of this podcast with all your Theatre Teacher friends.

A big thanks to co-founder Dan Rezac for asking me to start exciting project.

Be sure check out the other shows including my favorite The Google Educast

The network