Monday, February 2, 2015

Share your Knowledge- "I Can't I Have Rehearsal" is no longer an acceptable excuse.

The more I read about the current trends in education, the more I realize that we as Theatre Educators are experts in Project Based Learning, Maker Spaces, and creating content for an authentic audiences.  We need to help our fellow educators as they join us in a world we have inhabited for a long time.

I encourage you to present professional development about how to create project based units for the teachers in your buildings.  As Theatre teachers, we know the how to get our student up on their feet and actively engage.   Help teachers of other disciplines, bring that excitement into their classes.

We are already experts in these areas, now we must step in and share our stories, tips, our bag of tricks to help students become creative problem solvers.  "I Can't, I Have Rehearsal is no longer an acceptable excuse for not stepping out and changing the world of education.

It is a battle I fight myself everyday.   There is always a show and there is always moments to be worked on, props to find, costumes to make, programs to be typed, etc.   Take the time and make the commitment to present within your school, at a TeachMeet, an EdCamp,  or Thespian Festival.

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