Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Modern Day Antigone- Julia Butterly Hill

A Modern Day Antigone- Julia Butterfly Hill

This week I found a great and inspiring video on Kevin Brookhouser's YouTube Channel.  Kevin's English III class had just finished studying Antigone. He had his students research civil disobedience. They need to research individuals who used civil disobedience to stand up for issues they believed in. Kevin invited Julia Buttery Hill to connect with his class using Google Hangouts on Air. 

Thank you to Katie and Willow for asking insightful questions.  I was not familiar with Julia Butterfly Hill works until watching Kevin's Hangout on Air with her. 

I was moved so much by Julia's passion, heart and integrity she shared with Kevin's students.  It reminded me so much of Jean Anouilh's Antigone, which I was an director's assistant of it  when I was in high school. Julia made such a well stated case explaining why she lived in a tree for two years protecting the Redwood Forrest. 

I think any actor that will be working on Antigone should watch this video to see the determination, heart, soul, fortitude that Julia Butterfly Hill brings to her activism. The deep determination and forthrightness that Julia posses are qualities that any actor tackling Antigone should bring to the role.

Thank you Kevin Brookhouser for sharing this on YouTube and thank you to Julia Butterfly Hill for sharing her story with all of us. 

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