Saturday, September 8, 2012

Make Thespian Chapter Board Meetings Easier Using Google + Hangouts

So you are planning your Chapter Thespian Festival, your board members live in 4 different parts of the state or province.  You need to meet but you all have rehearsal and do not have the time to drive to meet together in one place.  Trying using Google+ Hangouts.  You can have up 10 people all meeting at the same time.

I recently participated in a planing meeting for EdCamp St. Louis using Google Hangouts.  It was quick and easy.

Some advice:
  • Turn your desktop speakers off and use headphones with microphones so you don't get the echo effect from your desktop speakers. 
  • Have ample lighting so other can see your face.(Have more light than just your laptop/tablet screen)
  • Careful of extraneous noises.  Hangout switches who is on the large screen based on sound.
  • If it is a new group of people who don't know each other have them install the lower 3rd app in Hangouts.

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